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Uno Scorcio di Te

(A Glimpse of You)

written by: Taylor Summerlin



I saw you again
Not too long ago
I believe it was in a picture
Or perhaps on a TV show

I even heard your melody
How I love its sound
It puts listeners at ease
For it's tranquil and profound

The delicacies you share
I can taste them now
My taste buds have awakened
They want to happily shout "Ciao"

The clothes your people wear
How polished and exquisite
I could never look as radiant in them
No matter how hard I imagine it

Your art is so beautiful
It takes my breath away
So well crafted and full of passion
You can tell by how they sit on display

The lands of which you own
So much history they can teach
And every bit of them
Are within your marvelous reach

I see you everywhere
As if you're a ghost haunting me
Strangely enough
I can't help but be filled with glee

It feels as if I know you
A feeling I can't ignore
How could this be
If we never met before?

All of your stories that I was told
They stick to me like glue
Perhaps that is why
I feel that connection with you

This all sounds premature
I'm sure you will agree
Maybe someday I'll get to meet you
Little Italy

Until that time comes
As farfetched as it seems
I'll be seeing you again
But only in my dreams

Taylor Summerlin

Taylor Summerlin

Taylor Summerlin is an artist and author from sunny Southern California. Ever since she was a child, storytelling has been a huge part of her life and she expresses that passion throughout all aspects of her work. Originally, Taylor graduated from Fullerton College (AA Degree) and Cal State University, Fullerton (BFA in Entertainment Art/Animation) with the intent on becoming a Storyboard Artist in Animation. What she never expected was to discover a hidden love for telling stories through writing. The more she wrote, the more those who knew Taylor came to realize just how much potential she had as an author. All then encouraged the young storyteller to continue writing and from that brought forth her very first YA novel of which is receiving positive reviews from beta readers. From her art to her writing, Taylor uses the skills she gained over the years to create fun and entertaining stories for all to enjoy. She is currently in the process of getting her first novel published and hopes to publish more work in the near future.
Taylor Summerlin

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