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written by: Madhumita



The shimmering teardrops,

Like the pearls in oysters,

Like the dreams in my eyes

Flow away as a river of memories,

Inundating my entire self,

As my pen inks on,

Sprinkling, an array of words,

Some strewn together in verses,

Some flowing free,

Fluid, on those pieces of paper,

Painting images of you,

Capturing your reflections,

The tears watering you,

You standing tall and strong

Like that eternal tree,

lifegiving, invigorating,

Though I tried to uproot you,

Inflicting wounds,

Cutting through

With the saw of pain,

Wanting to see you bleed

And then I fell down,



Now your memories

Breathe life into me,

Words come together,

Creating poetry,

Poetry of memories,


Flowing along with you,

As your memories flood,

With you in each and every droplet,

Flowing on,

Like the stream of consciousness,

Me trying to retain the memories,

Collecting you from the echoes of time,

Drop by drop,

You rushing away like the mountain brook,

Cascading through the pebbles of life,

My heart waits,

With a desire to live,

Live life with you,

Waits every minute,

Every second,

Every heartbeat,

An endless wait

And loneliness,

As I live on

With endless words

Unending verses,

And your memories,

Enveloped in beauty,

Endowed with love.

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