Walk With Me, poetry written by James Bell at Spillwords.com
Matin Tavazoei

Walk With Me

Walk With Me

written by: James Bell



A ways along the beach, a head wind whips up fine sand amid effortlessly high waves;
Moving slowly past the wrecks of vessels who met with such untimely early graves

Tidal waters and time, endlessly interwoven, seemingly indifferent to their age old routine;
Gulls gliding aimlessly overhead and the voices of lost souls heard on the ocean’s muffled scream;

Sand dunes shift and move balletically to the uncertain tune of the untamed sea;
When in a moment, all goes still and as one the sandpipers find an altogether different place to be

Horses are exercised atop the long sea wall;
Listening intently for the siren’s enchanting call

Footprints lost in the enveloping soft wet sand;
Walk with me, and take my clay cold hand

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