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What Is Love

What Is Love

written by: Zaki Ansari


How do I tell you what is love
Is there any specific definition of love
innocent but the question is relevant
so let’s try to figure out, what is love

is it your shadow on my personality
or your fragrance in my mind.
maybe it is your first kiss or the last one
or the separation,
cruelly which has been done

maybe it is your warm breath on my lips
or it is a beautiful dream’s trips
is it your aroma in my breaths
or infiltration of your sweet nectar
by your tongue, between my lips

is it your thoughts in my brain
or wet memories in the drizzling rain
maybe it is a glimpse of your face in my eye
or ocean of tears and thousand of cry

it is color of the wine, or something divine
or something that, which only God can define
maybe it is just a few words odd
or a dolorous poem, written by my blood

is it a mark of your lipstick on my collar
or it is a shadow of a bikini. Lying on the bed corner
maybe it is two bodies, clinging to each other
under the warm blanket in the winter night
or is it the sweet naughty morning kisses fight

maybe it is the situation, your heart says let’s talk to him
Or your mind says, stop, just stop thinking about him
maybe it is your feeling he is my everything all
or the feeling of denying, no not at all

maybe it is just a simple but a touch deep in the heart
or a beautifully crafted emotion’s art
is it sweet intoxication deeper inside the soul
or it is ensanguining wounds on the soul

50 shades of the grey, or one color of life
piece of a trust, or a sharp betrayal knife

maybe it is death we experience while alive
or a power, which helps to survive

Is it the mystery of love. What is love?
But I have listened, love is many splendored thing
And just on the one thing.
I’m ending it.
It is the beautiful dimple on your cheek
That’s it

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