When My Ship Comes In, a poem by Dennis C Brown at Spillwords.com
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When My Ship Comes In

When My Ship Comes In

written by: Dennis C Brown


When my ship comes in
I’ll bow out gracefully
Because I know my time has come
My ship has sailed its final sea

At times the water’s been so calm
Other times it’ll be so very rough
But I’ve weathered every mighty storm
And anchored down when things got tough

My children have been my keel
My wife has been my mast
All providing helping hands on deck
As I steer my ship from waters past

The many splendors of my voyage
And every moment lost at sea
Has made me who I am today
The valiant captain of my ship’s journey

But when my ship comes in at last
That’s not the end for me
I’ll remain the captain of my ship
For all of eternity

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