Through Another's Eyes, poetry by Dennis C Brown at
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Through Another’s Eyes

Through Another’s Eyes

written by: Dennis C Brown


As Christmas draws near and spirits arise.
Not everyone sees through the same pair of eyes.

Some see a day full of love and rejoice.
While others see a day of lost hope and no choice.

Some see a day with a future so bright.
While others look for a place to lay for the night.

Some see a day where good fortune is real.
While others struggle to see past their last meal.

So as you open your eyes this Christmas Day.
Kindly shut them again and begin to just pray.

Pray for those who struggle, who hurt, and who need.
For those who all suffer and have hearts that all bleed.

Pray for the lost, the weak and the poor.
Pray for their hope, their health and to have more.

Only then will you see as they reopen wide.
Just how fortunate you are to have your pair of eyes.

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