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Who Am I

Who Am I

written by: Charlie Bottle



I am the shadow,
that worships her footsteps,
I am the rising street,
rising to kiss her gentle feet,
I am her sigh in the morning,
and in nights I am her pining.

I am the sunrise that she wakes for,
My love’s light brightens up her day,
I am the moonlight that she sings to,
which in the darkness lightens her way.
I am the flower whose fresh scent,
refreshes the breeze that goes her way.

What am I to the one who loves me?
I am the sweat beneath her fair brow,
and breeze that cools it sweet,
Who am I to the one seeks me?
I am the answer to her question,
in whom she loses all reason.

She is the one I live for,
every moment with her,
is a gift of love,
and every moment I am away,
her memory is a song,
cheering me throughout the day.

If you see her you will know,
the one of whom I speak,
her smile and laughter will charm you,
and her goodness will reform your soul,
for she took a crook like me, an upstart,
and transformed the thief of her heart.

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