Wolves and Flies, flash fiction by Tim Law at Spillwords.com
Thomas Bonometti

Wolves and Flies

Wolves and Flies

written by: Tim Law


Doctor Neath helps us. She helps us to discover exactly who it is that we are. Doctor Neath has a theory where she thinks that there are only two different types of people, those who are wolves, and those who are flies. She makes sure that all of the wolves join her pack because you can’t have a lone wolf running around, that just leads to nothing but trouble. Yeah, the wolves get welcomed, but not those pesky flies, they aren’t so lucky.
With Doctor Neath the flies get the gas, them flies all get stuck with pins. I’ve watched the doctor peel a fly’s wings off, one then the other. She tells me she wants to know why they buzz instead of howling.

Me, I’m a mouse. I squeak when I’m told to squeak, otherwise, I keep out of the way. I make sure that all of Doctor Neath’s patients make it to their appointments on time. Doctor Neath is quite busy, and it does not do to keep the good doctor waiting. And why am I here? Why am I telling you this? Well, today is your lucky day, I guess. My list is long, and it never lies. My list says it’s your turn, time is ticking; Doctor Neath will see you now.

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