ou're The One, a poem written by Aida at Spillwords.com

You’re The One

You’re The One

written by: Aida


Feel every beating of my love
till you hear the words
hidden between the folds
of my heart,
let your soul reside.

Our world filled with
gladness to wipe
away our sadness.
Let’s celebrate our oneness.
Cause, you’re the one.

Let’s get drown in ecstasy,
and buried our misery and
whisper the words unsaid, for
your sweet voice, I love to hear
and my desires fulfilled.

I’ve been waiting and longing,
to fill that emptiness,
to subside, when I know,
I’ve got you by my side,
because you’re the one.

That sincere feeling,
I kept from the bottom of
my heart, are the hardest
words to come out but,
my deed speaks loud.

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