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Woman In Chains

Woman in chains

written by: Donna Africa



Shackled, cloaked & veiled is she
Shrouded & weighed down in her
heavy raven coloured cloak is she
Woman in chains

Of which has been created
designed & she
is enforced to wear
Woman in chains

For all of society to bear
witness and see
Woman in chains

To remind her of her station
in life and to behave
Woman in chains

That she has been truly emasculated
& severely incapacitated
Woman in chains

By those around her
who are fearful & afraid
of her womanly charms & powers
that lie dormant inside her
Woman in chains

Who pretend to shield
guard & protect her
Woman in chains

Never knowing or feeling
true emancipation
Woman in chains

or to be a part of the free world
and society at large
Woman in chains

only knowing cruel, unjust
suppression & repression
Woman in chains

she has been raised to believe
that a woman has no rightful place
or say to freely express herself
Woman in chains

But forever being afraid
vulnerable & intimidated
Woman in chains

By those who closely rule
with an iron fist
and intend to govern
and imprison her
Woman in chains

It is all so transparent to me
as I see through your
humble visage & mask
Woman in chains

You can not disguise,
conceal or deceive me
Woman in chains

As I am your sister
whom you soon will discover
Woman in chains

The one who will unshackle
& untie you from your
chains & restraints
that bind & tie you
Woman in chains

I am here to emancipate you
Woman in chains
in a world that has gone crazy
and no-one seems to care!
Woman in chains


Written by Donna Africa
© Donna Africa


My penned poem Dedicated to my Sisters and to Sisterhood. My STAND against mental & physical abuse towards women. I am a survivor of mental & physical abuse. I hope to inspire and be an inspiration to women every where!

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