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Words Are All I Have

Words Are All I Have

written by: Dr. Preeti Talwa



As I sat at my desk penning down, Rita Coolidge’s Song came to my mind, “It’s only words, words are all I have, that will take your heart away.” The song was apt for me and soon I got transported to a different world. The world of nostalgia, how from a scientist I became a full-time Writer and Blogger.

Let me take you down memory lane. A love for Science in school made me pick up research as a career. I enjoyed my work on albino rats. I had hoped to help mankind by doing something unusual with my research. I always believed I would be shattering the glass ceiling with my work and getting name and fame.

But that became a far fetched dream as soon as I found myself hitched into holy matrimony. Married off to a Geologist who worked in remote areas of the country left me with no choice of pursuing a career ahead. Frequent transfers and motherhood turned me into a SAHM or stay at home mother.

Motherhood was an enjoyable part of my life where I reared up my toddlers single-handedly as hubby was generally away on field trips. From teaching them the alphabet to helping them write their essays and stories brought out my latent talent to the fore. I had been a wordsmith in school and had won accolades for my writing skills. I had been associated with the school magazine and people had admired my writing prowess. But I had never given a serious thought about taking it up as a career.

While the kids were small my restless spirit yearned to go out and work but that wasn’t possible, so I started writing and sending my articles for competitions. I was thrilled as I won in a few Writing competitions. A few write-ups were featured in the Hindustan Times. It gave me a high and I wanted to try making Writing as a career.

Toddlers had grown to teens and time hung. So my family was insistent that I make my passion my profession. I decided to up-skill myself with the latest nuances of technology which could help me rev up my career.

Being armed with the latest technology skills I surfed the net to procure Writing jobs. To my dismay my creativity had no takers, it was the world of content writers and Bloggers. I was naive in this area. I may have started out late, after a sabbatical of two decades but age is not a deterrent in learning new things.

Reading and watching YouTube videos I self-taught myself the skills of content writing and blogging. A tailor-made opportunity to publish in a book came my way when the Indian Chicken Soup Series demanded submissions. I got a story published in the Chicken Soup For The Indian Entrepreneur’s Soul. Seeing my story in print boosted my self-confidence.

I started writing on a regular basis and my articles were published on several national and international sites. Some were published on print media. I was happy that both digital and print media had accepted my write-ups.

But my thirst to hone my skills made me locate Internshala. It was in 2014 I registered on this site hoping to work as an intern in the field of content writing. I filled for several internships but for three months there was a lull from their side. I felt a bit depressed but suddenly things progressed when one internship was offered to me. The nation was abuzz with the Padmavat controversy and my write up on that paved a way to learn content writing.

I was happy and started learning the ropes. During this period I was offered a job of a freelance proofreader with a publishing house. I was thrilled beyond words. I picked up the opportunity and started working with them.

Meanwhile, Internshala started their women restart program. I saw success stories of people starting after a break of 6-10 years. I was ecstatic but at the same time, a bit awry as my career gap spanned twenty years plus. But I thought no harm in giving a try. I filled up for content writing internships and before I knew I was flooded with opportunities.

I started internships which were time bound from two to six months. The love story with internships began on a positive note and revved my snail pace life. I managed to intern at 12 places earning accolades and certificates. My success story was featured on their blog. They soon made me their women ambassador. I just couldn’t believe that my words had brought me this far.

Soon my work was recognized and sites like Sheroes and Youth Ki Awaaz have published my journey which they believed was inspirational.

I am a Blogger and have my own blog. I have my fingers in too many pies. I write and curate content, work as an Eduadvisor for a site and teach English to students via an app.

I am giving my voice for audios and hoping to pen down a memoir. My life is full and contented as people appreciate my writing skills.

I can never think of hanging my boots as I quote Robert Frost’s words: “I have miles to go before I sleep

My metamorphosis from a SAHM to a Content Writer and Blogger hasn’t been easy as Bernard Shaw has said: “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

The fire in me rekindled my passion. Words have fulfilled my passion.

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