Wounded Soldier, prose written by Willie E. Davis Jr. at Spillwords.com

Wounded Soldier

Wounded Soldier

written by: Willie E. Davis Jr.

aka Willskillz The Poet


I was working in the field! And caught one in the hip! Down I went, it took me a minute to get out of harm’s way! No gunplay! Safe to say! Working hard for a little of nothing! Took my movement away! And my swivel!
Taking prednisone for my back! Took my hips away! Lord, what’s next? With the pain, it’s hard to flex! The Doc told me, he has to go in, now I’m spooked and stressed! Now, I have to put my trust! In a man, that is not God! Inside l can quiver! But I’m bigger than that! And that’s a fact! A lot of fam and friends prayed on it! I did too! Guess what? I made it through! With mechanical hips! Still, going through the steps! So, don’t trip! This is just a story of a wounded Soldier!

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