Why? Why?, poetry written by Caroline Evari at Spillwords.com

Why? Why?

Why? Why?

written by: Caroline Evari



Why do I get the blame for all your mistakes?
Why do you hurt me?
Why? Why?

Am I not worthy of your care and love?
Am I not worthy of your most high praise?
Why? Why?

I, your only friend when you had none
Your shoulder to cry on, a hand that reached out for your tears
I had your back
I shared your embarrassment
I offloaded every weight on your shoulder
Yet you still hurt me
Why? Why?

I hate your pathetic apologies
Your lame promises
And your deceiving gestures
Why do you treat me like a puppet? Why?

I am a fool in love with you
Letting go seems hurdle
Is it because you’re the only one on earth?
Why? Why?

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