You Only See, a poem written by Brad Osborne at

You Only See

You Only See

written by: Brad Osborne


You only see what I want you to see
The tip of the iceberg on cold and dark sea
Below the waves there is much more to me
Some parts to a person I don’t want to be

You only see what I show in the light
The perfect, the polished, shining so bright
The shadows hiding the me that’s not right
Where the gray mixes with the black and the white

You only see what is chosen and shown
You see the soft flesh, but not to the bone
The depths to me of which little is known
Where fear and failure the heart does bemoan

You only see a parade of the best
Traits that are good and well-pass the test
You get the sweet fruit but none of the zest
Would you feel the same, if you saw all the rest?

You only see some, yet you know there is more
Unknown the reasons I am hiding it for
But more to me, of that you are sure
Knowing it’s me who must open that door

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