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In The Gloom of Nights

In The Gloom of Nights

written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon


We sit,
Whenever we can,
In the gloom of nights,
To watch stars
And comets
Bearing the majesty of
The mystery that surrounds us
Dare tell ourselves
That we are the kings
And the Queens of Earth,
That Life belongs to us
And that existence
Is all that we shall feel around us
As long as we shall breathe!

But then
Bearing the weight of Time
On our backs
We cringe,
When faced with its might
And can only shed tears
Of Regret,
Hidden from the rest of the world!

To exist,
Is indeed a tricky turn,
During which
We are given keys and choices
On the doors they open to!

Like children
We can only care to be either
Obedient and dutiful
To the laws of religion
Even if these remain subtle
We can let ourselves pretend
That we shall remain
Kings and Queens

And meanwhile
Stars and comets in the night sky
Shall keep their dignified majesty
When faced
With the particles of dust
That fill up the space
We take
While we do breathe
On an Earth which belongs not
To us!

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