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You’re Funny

You’re Funny

written by: Jon Ashley Lunsford


Standing on the shore of your soul,
I found myself surrounded by the ocean of your love.
Not knowing the depths of it or how it were to unfold,
I told myself that in time, I could rise above.

I fell so hard, I fell so fast,
but a love like this was sure to last.
Only wanting to get my feet wet…
I find myself now clinging to a safety net.

Why do we spend so much time covering up the gray…
When it’s forever like this that we want to stay?
Laying on our sides, our legs intertwined…
A love like ours is so hard to find.

You’re the big spoon this time…
You know that’s something I don’t mind.
Suddenly the smell of tom ford…
A scent that I’ve grown to adore.
In your arms is where I felt safe…
You holding me tightly, I never wanted to escape.

My love for you is like a boomerang…
Forever in your hands is where I want to remain.
When I look into your deep brown eyes, I see so much pain.
I wonder… Is it me or the one before that’s the most to blame?

November 28th 2021. 8:05p
what could that possibly mean?
This event was powerful and rare…
Check your journal, you’ll surely find the answer there.

I’d make jokes just to see you smile.
Hearing a laugh from you… Damn, that’s been a while.
This year of talking and laughing is what kept me sane.
Now hearing the words “you’re funny” just doesn’t feel the same.

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