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Zephyr’s Whisper

 Zephyr’s Whisper

Version III

written by: Ken Allan Dronsfield



In the breath of a cascading waterfall…
I hear the voices of child spirits reciting sonnets
falling leaves landing upon browning grasses
weaving colorful blankets around the meadow.

Trout cruise the pools along babbling brooks
I watch them dart out from the bank and feed,
a single red oak leaf floats by dodging rocks
gathers speed then disappears downstream.

In the breath of a cascading waterfall… I observe.

Chickadee’s and Nuthatches flutter in the pines
as Blue Jay’s squawk at me from high branches.
While walking the path, I feel a sting below the ear,
the seasons last mosquito has found me out here.

In the breath of a cascading waterfall… I dream.

Snow white sails billowing in the warm trade winds,
rolling seas of a turquoise blue, reflect silken clouds,
terns and gulls from the tropical islands hover above.
Flying fish leap and glide as dolphins follow behind.

In the breath of a cascading waterfall… I wake.

A thermos of hot tea sits next to me under the great
oak, sparse of leaves now, but splendid and regal.
I slowly sip my cup as a flock of geese fly over,
I smile, close my eyes and find myself by the lake.

In the breath of a cascading waterfall… I rest.

My eyes open and focus upon the rising full moon.
Twilight has crept into the day with a splash of color.
The song of the night has now reached a crescendo;
I stand and inhale its timeless staccato symphony.

In the whisper of a cascading waterfall… Euphoria!



The original version of this poem appears in my poetry collection, Zephyr’s Whisper, currently released through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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