Space written by RayFed at Spillwords.com


Space written by: RayFed @Raymond_Fed   Autonomous battle mode Dom. Aye, aye, captain I say and his eyes close at the last. In the delirium of my b...
Hidden written by RayFed at Spillwords.com


Hidden written by: RayFed @Raymond_Fed   At the corner of 10957 Bellagio Road and Apt 213, 924 N.25th street at the opposite corners of 8213 West Summe...
Jihad written by RayFed at Spillwords.com


Jihad written by: RayFed @Raymond_Fed   Birthed between twilight and dawn, two battles delicately woven; A bit of flesh and an ancient soul, war does h...


Online gamer, hash-tagger, social commentator, writer poet, published author. Singer/songwriter, published author of short stories and poems. Working on several novels at the moment looking for a release sometime in 2016-17 MUSIC POEMS SHORT STORIES NOVELS SPOKEN WORD