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Hungry Voices

written by: NNANE NTUBE


O Mama!
Your eyes are now a river
To which we take our lovers
In it we hug and hover
Swelling our lungs and livers
Into Your warm breath we linger.

O Mama!
Your heart boils a boiler
Steaming the vapour higher
Into our eyes the sprayer
Digs deep the depth of water.

O Mama!
Your house is now on fire
Your children's bond on trier
Growing wild the flames of howlers
Suck'd hard the flat breast of anger.

O Mama!
Your children's voices wilder
To the sound of the howitzers
Pleating bodies and minds on hunkers
Flattery, corruption, killing walk'd glarer
Than the tear gas that gave a glimmer.

O Mama!
We know Your eyes are bleeding
Seeing their blood oozing
O! Our eyes are also bleeding
To see the union bruising.

O Mama!
We turn our eyes to You.
We put our knees before You.
We give our hearts to You.
Our tears and blood to You.
Our hope we give to You.
Our soul we cherish hard.

Nnane Ntube

Nnane Ntube

Nnane Ntube is born Nnane Anna Ntube, a Cameroonian. She is a teacher and she is currently studying at the Higher Teachers' Training College Yaounde 1. She has three degrees, two in Bilingual Studies and one in English Language. She is an aspiring writer.
Nnane Ntube

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