Litany of Suffocated Voices, poetry by Daniel Aôndonaat

Litany of Suffocated Voices

Litany of Suffocated Voices

written by: Daniel Aôndona



There is a keen
Longing to be heard from a distance_ unknown,
There are voices of suppressed dreams
Crying out like infants whose mother
Denies them breast milk.

Behold! We perceive our potential in the air
But fail to embrace them
As they are hung beyond the reach of ours.

We are bugs seeking the crust of knowledge
Though, Mother has turned her back on us
She feeds her belly with food_ meant for us
And gives out deaf ears to our cry.

We now wallow in forlorn_ abandoned!
With voices suffocated by ignorance.
Our glamour fades within our souls
Thus, we are fireflies without glints
And roses without petals.
We swallow darkness and yearn for light
Yet day refuses to break.

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