Only in My Dreams, poetry by Imeon504 at

Only in My Dreams

Only in My Dreams

written by: Imeon504


As I desperately try to hang on to what little hope I have left
I watched as you were mesmerized by every word that she read
Hooked on to that feeling you let my heart go and walked away
Enthralled by the music of her words I watched you from that place
Where you once promised to stay

Foolish was I to even try to measure up
As I puffed my whole being, pounded my chest and thought I could be enough
As I walked along the shadows of my words
Only did I realize, I am not even a fourth of her colors

You basked and gleamed under her yellow light
While I waited for you in the green of my midnight
I shed colors only to come up with dark schemes
I shook my head, I can never have you back it seems

And here I am once again, back behind that tiny line where I had been
Foolish of me to step over and claim you as my own
As I see now, as I have never seen before
Only in my dreams and fantasies, you were mine to hold

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