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My Path Runs Ahead of Me and My Plans

Canto One

written by: Benjamin R Bray



At first
I can't so much as crawl
My baby belly
Fun to rest on, but no good
For moving forward

Then I perch myself
Upon the palms of my hands
And the pudgy knots
I don't yet know
Are called knees

The ungated rooms
Of this giant place
Are mine to explore
Mine to devour
As I giggle through my drool

The big ones
Show so much excitement
When the palms of my hands
Are replaced
By the soles of my feet

Their baby boy
Is growing up so fast
Even though
I'm no taller than the horsey
At least, not yet



Part 1 of my autobiographical series of poetry.

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Benjamin R Bray

Benjamin R Bray

I am first and foremost an educator. I live for my students and find the greatest joy in their success. I have been a poet since I was kid, but started taking it more seriously around my junior year in high school.
I mostly write poems about dealing with the emotional spectrum and going through introspective journeys. I also delve into the occasional homage to some of my favorite narratives such as Firefly, Power Rangers, etc.
To sum up: educator, writer, poet, super geek, and so much more 😀
Benjamin R Bray
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