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A 1000 Wounds

written by: Bipul Banerjee


A thousand wounds concealed,
Behind a thousand masks.

A camouflage of skedaddled emotions,
Cruising in and out on,
Turbulent roller coasters.

The pain emitted from each laceration,
Mingles and multiplies in quantum.

A punctilious disdain of origin,
Yet to be discovered,
As each hurt has harrowed deep within.

Ersatz smiles do the job well,
Confiscating the right to cry.
Encapsulating the oozing debris
Decorating and repacking the metamorphosis,
In an evenly distributed civic style.

They say, ‘time heals’.
At what pace? is unknown.
Do the moieties matter or,
Is it just the sheer sovereignty that reigns?

Bipul Banerjee ('Dusk')

Bipul Banerjee ('Dusk')

The author is management leader by profession.
He has 5 research publications to his name in the field of CRM and two book chapters.
A well read and vastly published poet.
Featured among 100 emerging poets of Asia.
Featured poet of the month in PoetrySoup in 2016-17.
Featured poet as contemporary Asian poets of 2016-17.
Featured artist of the week in The 13Alphabet Magazine 2017-18.
Featured artist at the St.Charles Artsfest gallery- Chicago 2018.
20 international and 25 national poetry publications in paper backs and e-books.
Popularly known as ‘Dusk’ in literary circles.
Bipul Banerjee ('Dusk')

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