A Breath Away, a poem by Kate MacDonald at Spillwords.com
Brent Ninaber

A Breath Away

A Breath Away

written by: Kate MacDonald



I know you’re gone, of course I do, my head knows,
my heart refuses, you can’t be gone when I can almost see you,
I hear you, you’re just around the corner, so close, still near,
come closer, closer, I know you hear me too.

Your face, so clear to me still, I see you smile as you shake your head,
laughing at my childish excitement, looking after me even though
I am the oldest, but I know you enjoyed my delight in silly things,
it meant that for a few hours you could be giddy and silly too.

It’s hard knowing I can’t be with you, won’t see you or give you a hug,
no trips or outings, no more fighting over who will pay for lunch,
I want to hear “What do you think of this?” when you’ve found
what you think might be an antique rarity, purely based on a hunch.

I’m not coping well with tenses, it’s not said, it’s say, it’s not smiled, you smile,
it’s not laughed, you laugh, because you’re here, although I know you’re there.
No, you’re not far away, so there’s no need for goodbye,
nothing has changed, you are still my dearest friend, not were

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