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written by: TM DiSarro


It was just a certain look, some different point of view
A picture in your mind you took that seemed like something new
Like words inside a magazine or story you’ve been told
The musings of a madman and the useless life he stole
Something not quite right as a matter undefined
The thing you’re keeping out of sight until the facts unwind
A message in a cookie with no fortune there to find
A glimpse into a nightmare that you should have left behind
You struggle with your conscience where the answers are all why
Like clouds that hide the sunshine and obscure the summer sky
Where every wish is wasted like dry kisses on the wind
They taste so sweet and sexy but turn sour in the end
Just a certain something like a letter left unread
Or a stack of notes and useless quotes all stuffed inside your head
A light inside a window or a knock upon my door
A pile of your dirty clothes scattered on the floor
Like words inside a napkin that you keep inside your sleeve
Reveals a truth that’s so uncouth but still you won’t believe
The troubles in the details and the answers never heard
A thing you feel will not reveal the real from the absurd
The scales of justice weighing all your life with trembling hands
Life flies right past and runs so fast like shifting hourglass sands
The future’s not as brilliant as the darkness is to night
As your technicolor dreams have turned a clouded milky white
As reason takes a backseat to the place that you are driving
You find the pace is quickening while never is arriving
This longing holds a place of matter somewhere in your mind
Fills your life with misery as the story will unwind
So what does all the nonsense mean when all is said and done?
It’s just a certain look that made your whole world come undone



From the collection: THE MEMORY THIEF

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