A Corrupt Pen written by Bitupan Das at Spillwords.com

A Corrupt Pen

A Corrupt Pen

written by: Bitupan Das



Words, words, words.
Everywhere words,
Slapping on my cheeks,
Punching on my face,
Kicking my body,
To a tormented race.
I’m fighting with words,
Not to build a house of glass
But to build a home of love.
He is not the master.
So don’t be slave.
Words, words, words.
Everywhere words.

Words can be corrupted
To ruin the civilisation.
Save, save, save.
Don’t be a prisoner of words.
Break, break, break
The prison
And open your eyes and see
It’s an artificial man-made machine,
To build an exhaustive language.
Words, words, words.
Everywhere words.



A Corrupt Pen is More Corrupt,
Than a Corrupt Officer.
So, try to be less corrupt.

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