A Covid Emergency, poetry by Liam Flanagan at Spillwords.com
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A Covid Emergency

A Covid Emergency

written by: Liam Flanagan



A Covid Emergency
My head hurts
I don’t mean to be curt
Nobody has prepared us for this
There is something seriously amiss
If this is the new normal
Then there is a serious problem
We are all been asked to cope
Looking for messages of hope
Feeling slightly detached
Keep telling myself to try and relax
They are saying nights out are a thing of the past
How long is this time going to last?
Fresh air has never been so valuable
Makes everything a little more palatable
Trying to stay positive the kids are back to school
I hope they are able to follow the rules!
We are all doing our best
The most important thing is to try and get some rest
Being told a vaccine is some time away
Doing our best to enjoy life until the day
If you are feeling overwhelmed
Please reach out to a professional a family member or a friend

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