spillwords.com A Ruinous Life by Anne G

A Ruinous Life

A Ruinous Life

written by: Anne G



Were I to live a ruinous life,

temptation would present itself;

the flesh and spirit would engage –

succumb would they, to any vice.

Trepidation, caution, fear –

the straight and narrow,

I have walked.

Predictable, much to a fault –

foreseeable outcome, chosen path.

Void of excitement, no unknowns –

the price exacted took its toll.

The story scripted, safe and sound;

no daring, danger or regret.

Was this ideal? I ponder much.

I’ve lived a lifetime all but planned;

the t s all crossed and dotted i s ;

a plain and simple Mary Jane.

What did I miss, if miss I did, sometimes I wonder if I failed.

The narrative of this curious poem, has but one, and only goal –

encourage  you to contemplate …

The very life entrusted you, is yours alone –

so live it well.

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