A Snowy Canvas, poetry written by Madhumita at Spillwords.com

A Snowy Canvas

A Snowy Canvas

written by: Madhumita



winter came in on tip toes,
the wind whispered
outside the doors closed,
froze all in white,
the days and the dark nights,
yesterday is gone with the drizzle of snow
that fell from the skies, and shines with a mystic glow
enveloping the dark bleak today
in a vibrant hue,
today that shines through
smiling at the new sun
that returned to dry up the drop of tear
which trickled down the eyes of the night
and started to freeze at the horizon,
dreaming to rest in the arms of Orion;
we burn the logs of warmth
with the fire of love
cutting through the chill of the winter,
as the red embers glowed,
the orange blaze
danced around
creating a passionate maze;
hand in hand we sit
and huddle together,
the more we come closer,
we cut through the vagaries
of yesterday
and create memories
to be treasured and tucked away
as a treasure, that’s yours and mine,
paint colourful hours and golden days
drinking in the moments
intoxicating like the matured wine,
why shiver
and wonder
how the day unfurls
the hours turn out to be,
and the minutes will be?
we shall conquer it all
the snow, the wind, the fall,
with the fire of passion inside
towards our dreamworld we stride
to build ourselves a citadel
cloaked in warmth,
the warmth of affections,
stocking up on the ammunitions
of love and togetherness,
cross all stony and crude borders
overcome the harsh, cold obstacles
and bring in happiness and joy,
destroying the damaging ploys
of the white cold and severe winter;
how can we spin the golden rays today
to create a beautiful world full of love aplenty,
if we neglect the colours of passion,
the colours of love that splash across the
white snowy canvas of today!!!!

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