A Thousand Voices in a Wave written by Beth Tremaglio at Spillwords.com

A Thousand Voices in a Wave


This is the 5th poem in this series and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read through this.



This is about the children and their future America.
In my mind I can see thousands of children standing, no race excluded from the chaos, the madness that dwells in our land. In Connecticut more are leaving the state than coming in, the debt is increasing and these children will be left with quite a burden. It is my hope that healing will come for them and the prosperity that we have known, they will also know. I couldn’t help but see these children on shores facing great waves and trying to speak but their voices lost, their cries lift the waves of chaos from the earth and to heavens they rise, there let them be heard…


A Thousand Voices in a Wave

written by: Beth Tremaglio



I had a vision,
thousands of children standing on man made shores,
sands corrupt and ravenous burned their feet,
yet, they remained still,
as politicians walked by, these children beheld their
futures, tucked deeply in the wallets of women and men.
These children did not cry out for their mouths were bound,
but with their eyes, in silence they spoke,
“where are they going? to what are they selling our futures?!”
but, no one heard, for there were waves filled with great noise
beating upon manipulated shores.

In this vision,
thousands of children stood, defenseless as waves of great judgement fell
upon their future shores.
Their eyes filled with tears, fell and great waves lifted from the earth
filling the heavens with thunderous cries,
“No more,
our future half spent,
your policies are failing us,
this land is broken and torn,
greed has been left unchecked,
you are to be our example, but of this!?, streets of chaos and war!?
No more!”

In this vision of a thousand children and their voices trapped within a wave,
I saw in the eyes of a child,
men and women had become their own of judgement,
the destructor of their own shore,
the creator of their own war, and
whether rich or poor men and women are the beast that dwells within greed and war.

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