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Advice for Self-Introduction

Advice for Self-Introduction

(I believe that)

written by: Dirk Sandarupa



As I get older,
if you ask me what are the things I regret in life?
My answer is none.
I’m quite grateful during this time that I got to know myself more from childhood, adolescence, to adulthood.
And I think it requires a process that we should always respect and remember.

Many people have given advice about this and that
and I listen and
sort out which one is appropriate based on my heart.

For me, life is not a race.
From my unknown to knows,
it also requires a process that we must respect and remember.

Why do emotions, confusion, and distrust occur in us?
It’s because you don’t know your real self.

I’m sure if we know ourselves better,
then a positive aura will always radiate.
I’m sure if we know ourselves better,
we will know our weaknesses and strengths to always want to learn to be better.
I believe that if we know ourselves better,
we can control our thoughts.

Knowing yourself is in yourself, not in others.

Dirk Sandarupa

Dirk Sandarupa

My name is Dirk Sandarupa. I am from Indonesia. I graduated from Master Degree in English Language Study, University of faculty. I began to write since I could hear myself through my writings. I found another piece of myself through my writing. My main goal in writing is just to share my passion, creativity, and life. I found that when you find something you really like, no matter where you go, no matter where you at, no matter what you do, life isn't really complete without passion.
Dirk Sandarupa

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