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Maurizio Brancaleoni



written by: Maurizio Brancaleoni


our remains will feed feral flowers
one fateful morrow
when an Osiris of microplastics conglomerates
in a lake of exhausted sunflower oil

on the shores Titans of insoluble garbage
peerless pasture for posthistoric parasites
dionysically a-raging in their intoxication

a silicon vale
with dolmens of best-before objects
seamlessly merging with flushed waste
to compact into everlasting Irminsuls
Towers of Babel
that shall be brought down no more

the whole expanse of ocean
a vast irremediable pool of chemicals
an all-melting Tartarus
whose fluorescence will be enhanced
by lethal UV radiation

what’s left of humankind
an excellent source of nitrogen

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