Alive As The Virus Is Victorious, a poem by Chad Norman at
Vladyslav Cherkasenko

Alive As The Virus Is Victorious

Alive As The Virus Is Victorious

written by: Chad Norman



The way
moving water
shimmers, others say
in the moving sun.

I see how
the “his & her” thing
happens, when it
comes to littering
their only planet.

Not only am I
in a relationship
with crows.
there is
a chipmunk too; I
never considered
myself a singer,
but when I call for
mainly a crow family
in that spot beside the flags
my other curious one
comes closer.

Each time I choose
to stop and sit on a stone
I speak to as well;
one day I know it
will welcome me
and I enjoy wonder again,
imagining him or her
enjoying the peanut
I threw to a spot
which was close enough
for my fear
to leave,
the peanut cracked
and what my hand once held
in that tiny happy stomach.

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