All In A Night by Phyllis P. Colucci at

All In A Night

All In A Night

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



Whispering winds sing such sweet songs
Lingering chimes thrill the night
The sea roars wild in the twilight
Crashing its waves of foam white

Old sand castles fade where the shore wets its lips
Echoes of fog horns bounce off the tips
Of the rocks in the moonlight which shimmer so fine
Like the lustrous sheen of onyx divine

The deep-daring odor of seaweed is strong
Riding the waves as they tumble along
And cotton-ball clouds float ‘cross the sky
Ducking past moonbeams, then meet eye to eye

The melody heightens as deep darkness falls
The night will grow meek when the Sun Lord calls
And morning will open its arms to the sea
–The waves will fall softly, the sand castles free.



Sometimes life gets so complicated that we miss the simple beauty of nature – like a relaxing day/night, spent by the spectacular sea!