An April Jewel, a poem by Ken Gosse at
Frans Hals (Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart)

An April Jewel

An April Jewel

(in 100 words)

written by: Ken Gosse


Dear friends, please be kind
to this old April fool—
when you’re pokin’ fun,
being mean isn’t cool.

Live it up. Laugh it up.
Do your best, not your worst,
whether spur of the moment
or even rehearsed.

I’ll make a good butt
for a joke that needs fuel,
as long as it’s funny—
not meant to be cruel.

I’ll grin and I’ll groan
till the joke’s fully nursed
and though I’m embarrassed,
I’ll laugh till I burst.

If you planned it in fun
and I’m not made a tool,
once the jesting’s been done
and I’m laughing, then you’ll.

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