An Old Book, a poem by Bilquis Fatima at

An Old Book

An Old Book

written by: Bilquis Fatima


Rests on the corner shelf, an old book
Telling an untold story,
Story of eternal ties
that secretly breathes between pages.

Not in the printed letters
Is the story inscribed,
But between yellowed pages
A heart-touching tale described.

In the dried up petals,
Nestled between the book leaves.
In the fingerprints,
on the page corners.
In the lingering perfume
soaked in the parchment paper.
In the faded lip marks
Smiling bold on the last page.
In favorite initials
Scribbled with a deep desire.
In the stains of hidden tears
left on the fading pages.
In a blurred and crumpled picture,
hidden there for ages,
In twisted threads of fiber,
trapped in the withered bindings.

Each remnant exquisitely unfolds
the glory of the story untold.

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