Experimenting, a haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at Spillwords.com


written by: Robyn MacKinnon




I walk this razor thin line

a hair of knowledge



Illustration description: This week, it was my copy of Eastern Front Theatre’s Stages Theatre Festival program that gave its life for this week’s Facebook haiku illustration! The background is made up of jumbled, overlapping lines and shapes, all in shades of grey, reminiscent of symbols and equations. The lines of the haiku occupy the top, middle, and bottom of the image, words in fonts and colours, but mostly in black and white. The center of the image is occupied by a silhouetted figure balancing on a tightrope. Their head is replaced with the overhead view of a brain. 4 cut-out images are placed about the image: In the top left corner, a black sun backed by a circle of blue, 2 black clouds creeping in front of it. In the top right, slightly more inside the image, a set of VR goggles backed by a pink circle. Partway between the lower left corner and the central figure, an hourglass backed by a blue circle. Finally, in the bottom right, just above the word “knowledge”, a hand writing in a spiral bound notebook, backed by a circle of green.

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