And lo... Spring is Prancing, written by Monika Ajay Kaul at

And lo… Spring is Prancing

And lo… Spring is Prancing

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



Flamboyant flowers are swaying
in lush fields, once somber in the winter chill.
A frizzy, fragrant breeze
loiters in the misty air.
After being trapped in long frosty shells,
charmed dew-drops sparkle again,
as the blooming buds yawn
watching the new sun arrive.
Slowly from the tolerant turf,
shoots the grass and mead.
And Lo… Spring is prancing.

The bereaved shrubs and trees,
snug the tenderness as to hail the newness.
Nascent florets volley the yet frozen grounds
with the bursts of Harlequin.
Slumbering critters and creatures,
once again frolic in the spring mood.
Each day the sun rises gleefully
along with the playful clouds.
Shreds of sunlight peep and peek
on the awakening soil.
And Lo…Spring is prancing.

The tickled-pink flowers on the roadsides
are ready to prelude springtime;
singing goodbye songs
to glassy snow and icy slush.
Saying hello to spring,
birds become the bards.
Unfurling kaleidoscopes,
spreading redolence
seedlings burst, become flowers;
gifting bouquets all over.
And Lo… Spring is prancing.

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