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Animals, Peace and Life

Animals, Peace and Life

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


Where is the place in which peace and serenity exist?
The garden that grows colorful flowers always in bloom
Where children play and laugh
That glorious place in time were the good heart lives

All people have such a place in their most deepest inner souls

We all yearn to live there yet
The world we live in does not seem conducive to peace
Everything about it speaks to the end of things; it is a violent struggle
Self-serving, racist killings denote the destructive rule of the day

It appears impossible to move from the chaos we create
Animals kill each other but they have good reason
It is food for themselves and offspring or self defense
But they don’t celebrate their kill; it’s just food to sustain life

Animals somehow know their way to live is necessary
With an innate reverence for the life they kill; just enough to eat
Can they be more sensible and human than we?
Can they appreciate the reality of life being more important?

Yet we have the intelligence to admire animals’ lives
And can applaud the beauty of their nature and care of their family
As humans we have many traits that give us understanding
Life matters to us but others who don’t look like us

We refer as “them” the parasites

A carryover of past evil habits but still destroy a nation’s unity today
All people matter but it’s difficult to express compassion
When the hatred some groups aim at punishes all people
Making it difficult to reach the nirvana we desperately seek

Complete peace with all living things is still the goal for us humans
It’s evident, nay! essential for living a productive life
But it’s apparent we show no benevolence to others of different hues
We risk largesse when avoiding compassion

When we avoid words of peace and kindness we do so at our peril.

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