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The Silence of Another Day

The Silence of Another Day

written by: LadyLily



The silence of another day,
A mystical feeling of pearling oysters.
Daylight opens life like a drawn white sheet.
I hear my voice, pick a Violet as in my childhood.
The World carries on whilst spirits colour my sleep,
Dreams like cotton, armies of them.

Softly I breathe, ticking off years of existence.
Oh! Again, memories ring, gnawing at my brain.
I crave to sleep like a secret, locked in a wooden box,
Like I am buried….as still as a dead dog.
Sweat of darkness runs on my pillow,
Maybe I am cursed?
Maybe I am loved?

The night sky rolled in carbon paper,
Little blue pills do me no good.
Much rather stare at Tulips filled with bubbles,
Or focus on sticky red blooms.
I may have been a bastard child…
Is that why they drowned my puppy?
Blossoms were black that day.

Rose beds wake at seven-thirty a.m.
Turf yells for rain.
Marigolds bow in belting-hot rays,
Praying to avoid a Sunny attack.
Hell-flamed Poppies singe if touched.
An influential opiate would be better.
This silence of another day
speaks with a colossal accent,
as this World just carries on…

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