Apricot Valley written by Eden Hundsdoerfer at Spillwords.com

Apricot Valley

Apricot Valley

written by: Eden Hundsdoerfer


I sat beneath….
my eyes feasted….
scenery of paradise
soothed my very soul
breathtaking panorama

firewood’s on donkey’s back
immaculate smile…freckled innocent face
her twinkling eyes enchanted
by the virgin morn’

at the foot of majestic ranges
icy winds embraced my skin
glowing light…between mountains
these powerful towering peaks
invaded the spirit within me

facing this perfect glorious sight
apricot fruits gathered by a shepherd
i tasted a sweet lovely wine out of these
the same girl approached me

the next day gave me
a flacon of this delight
savoured beneath
the apricot tree

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