Cliche: Money Talks! by Charlie Bottle at

Cliche: Money Talks!

Cliche: Money Talks!

written by: Charlie Bottle



In dark recesses, where thoughts envisioned,
by the amalgamated decisions,
of rapidly occurring instances,
are then wrapped in daily ensuances,
and tempered by sudden events, they set,
and become geodesic schemes made by sweat,
in time, nuggets coalesce into a vein,
of theories that go against the grain.

Living in the squalor of the projects,
poverty and crime are our birth defects,
creativity and  tenacity,
help change our damned lives, with audacity,
we innovate, recreate, generate,
Love and Empathy, that then resonates,
in all walks of life, and in faces you see,
a love which enthuses humanity.

With silver spoons in their mouths, walk buffoons,
with as much clue of the poor, as the moon,
the far away Pluto is warm and bright,
than these stone cold souls, devoid of all light,
from their evil for protection, we pray,
for they use their money to do and say,
to lobby, change minds, to sow division,
and buy our votes, Money talks! We listen.

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