Offending Butterflies written by Godfrey Holy at

Offending Butterflies

Offending Butterflies

written by: Godfrey Holy


I bleach my bygones with rum and coke
Glue together my cobbled reality
with euphoric despair
Burdens of yesterday I tame with
Generic street names
Mystic wings from magic shrooms
My transport to a makeshift world
Where butterflies never lie.

Emptied of insight, my thoughts
Obsess over a powder hangman and
All his hollows.
Portals he opens in my nostrils
And my descent stretches on
Like a knotted wish speeding towards
My next death, my next flight
To a puffy height
Where butterflies never lie.

In this syringe brews an illicit elixir
My fears soon to be purged
Memories eclipsed, dreams decoded.
I will fade into paper-thin fantasies
And settle on my plight like
A throw pillow on a sunken couch.
Soon I will be foliage, virgin and colorful
Where butterflies never lie.

Little things are hidden from me
By a world uncaring of chaos
By a heart tired of feeling
By a soul sore from searching for
Sanity and redemption.
From a ramshackle reality
Where butterflies never lie.


Copyright 2008.

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