As Am I, a poem by Aurora Kastanias at
Scott Van Hoy

As Am I

As Am I

written by: Aurora Kastanias


My dear fish chaos is taking over
To quell earthly bipeds’ stubborn attempts
To control their path adapting nature
To the madness of their ambitions

Unquestioning their behaviour.

Silence has been murdered peace exiled
Reason lost and freedom arrested,
From a distance I hear multiple threats
From white houses developing shells

To kill each other with powerful blasts.

Cities have been conquered by collective hysteria,
On the streets musicians play horns twitching nerves
Shouting conceding to anger
They run in circles for they are always late,

But have forgotten why and where to.

Billboards dictate the essentials
Unable to meet their newfound needs they are thrust
Into frustration and labour
For someone called Dollar a patron they never see,

Though they adore him as ancients did their Gods.

Amidst missing trees birds take repose
On hissing black lines witnessing forests
Being cut down to make space
To pasturing sheep of which fur they steal

To cover themselves.

They grow food, more than they can eat,
Breeding cattle polluting their air
Enforcing a culture of soybeans
As some have given up on feeding on us,

I don’t know where you are but I fear for what will come.

Here in the waters they are dumping litter
It is toxic and smelly I am finning to the nearest reef
But it seems they have all disappeared
Leaving behind solely graveyards of pale white

Corals starving to death, as am I.

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