Soft opening, a poem by David J. Roussel at
Gioele Fazzeri

Soft Opening

Soft Opening

written by: David J. Roussel



A little bit,
but not too far.
Gently now,
there’s no hurry.
Just easy as
your mind allows,
softly, then

This is so fictional.
Soft openings
rarely get away,
before the violent entity,
before the climax comes
and wipes the slate clean.

We all want
to ease into
the heat, or cold,
or this
tragic moment.

There’s no dividing line.
You’re in,
only when you’re in,
until then,
you’re out.
Out of your mind,
out of your head;
never seen again.

This is absurd,
but we try to try
over and over again.

Slow down,
take it easy, now.
There’s no reason
to rush to tomorrow.
Fade away,
don’t let anxiety
get the better of you.

here we are
on a cocaine fueled,
cruise missile approach.
Soft openings
gave way to
shock and awe so soon.

the skin,
tearing at the edges.
I thought this
would be the time
we finally eased into the world.

No chance,
but we tried to try.
No turning back, now.
Why do all
our soft openings
turn into dumpster fires?

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