At The Gate, a poem by Glynn Sinclare at
Dave McDermott

At The Gate

At The Gate

written by: Glynn Sinclare



Assume not I am so dark,
with shadow deep
and muddy pools.
Some light shines.

In the wandering of my days,
compassion filled my soul,
to see one in need,
to love my fellow man.

From my right path,
I have sometime strayed.
But the bonds of love
have pulled me back.

Dwell not,
in the memory of my decline.
But raise me up,
to live once again in light.

In dotage my mind wanders.
Dwell not my memory
In sad reflection,
of wrongs I have done.

Travel onward towards the light
One step forward.
For know you not my soul,
No dark spirit am I.

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