Call Him, poetry written by Mdtaslim, a mining engineer at

Call Him

Call Him written by: mdtaslim   You call me from any place You will find me there always I am neither a past tense nor a future tense I am a presen...
Wild Flower, micropoetry by Mdtaslim, a mining engineer at

Wild Flower

Wild Flower written by: mdtaslim   She is a wild flower She changes her colour Everyday She fills the heart With soulful fragrance Every hour She ...
I Am Human, by mdtaslim, a mining engineer at

I Am Human

I Am Human written by: mdtaslim   I am a bit normal I am a bit abnormal I am a bit truth I am a bit false After all I am human I am a bit lazy I...
Destiny, a poem written by mdtaslim, a mining engineer at


Destiny written by: mdtaslim   We all believe in destiny Do we know our own? We become angry when cheated When we cheat? Broken hearts, bleeding e...
WHENEVER, poetry written by mdtaslim at


WHENEVER written by: mdtaslim   Whenever I try to paint you I always find New colour in you Rhythm of your movements Grace of your walk Changes every time ...
Women, a poem written by mdtaslim at


WOMEN written by: mdtaslim   Women are the best poem of the creator Each word of his poem is well crafted His poem speaks of love, care and forgi...
Bestow Mercy written by mdtaslim at

Bestow Mercy

Bestow Mercy written by: mdtaslim   Bestow mercy No one knows his beginning No one will ever know his end He only knows his Beginning and end He is...
Words written by mdtaslim at


Words written by: mdtaslim   Words have limitations Words can never express feelings I can still feel The first touch of your palm Its softness and ...


A Mining Engineer and Law graduate from Supaul, Bihar, India. Life is a beautiful journey. It is like a sugar in a cup of tea or coffee. Sweetness is nothing but an individual's choice.