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Karmic Cycle

written by: mdtaslim


We remain searching for success in life
By hook and by crook
We compromise, We betray, We cheat
We sell our conscience
We die everyday to remain alive
We succeed but We get trapped in our
Karmic cycle
Believe it you will have to pay
How can you go without paying your debt
It is a damn intricate cycle
Very simple yet very complex
Don't fume and fret pay the debt
No one can help you
He remains with everyone always
We remain searching him Here and there
Enjoying each and everything of this nature
Makes life, you believe
Happiness is not a myth
You see light In every corner but
You are with your perceptions
Once trapped in karmic cycle
To achieve total happiness pure bliss will require
Another life Human life
Did you feel
Your hunger diminishes
You become weak Restless animal
Alas! You would have met with Your innerself
He was calling, He remains calling
Don't blame destiny
Think about your Karma.



A Mining Engineer and Law graduate from Supaul, Bihar, India.
Life is a beautiful journey. It is like a sugar in a cup of tea or coffee. Sweetness is nothing but an individual's choice.

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