Flowers From The Ashes, a poem by Tessa Weitemeier at
Edward Kucherenko

Flowers From The Ashes

Flowers From The Ashes

written by: Tessa Weitemeier



Let it go
Set it free
Open your hands
And burn it down

Tear it to pieces
Cut it up
Close your eyes
And burn it down

Wrap it up
Set it on fire
Lean your head back
And burn it down

Throw it away
Crumple it
Open your eyes
And burn it down

Keep the ashes
Put them on the ground
Water them
And see how it grows

The grey ashes
Turning colorful
Flowers of a new beginning
See how they grow

Flowers from the ashes
Like it was meant to be
Burn it down and build it new
Relax and see how everything grows

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