Youth, a poem written by Paul Anthony Obey at
Papaioannou Kostas



written by: Paul Anthony Obey



Through the immature prism, great thinkers emerge,
Generations of bastardised thinking,
Weakness formed in upbringing as opinions converge,
Problems solved through the outcome of drinking,

Uncontrollable new minds with their needs and their wants,
Never listen to them, they’re not worth it,
Shout them down or ignore them, a natural response,
No solutions provided, they’ll take the hit,

But hang on, are they stirring, have they been inspired?
Do they have a new agent of change?
Bring them in from the cold, fresh thinking hardwired,
Replace the old seems an unfair exchange,

Flail around for their loyalty, of what they aspire,
To be when they grow up and have power,
Or ignore them as always, their hopes will expire,
Expend no more energy on this troublesome shower.

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